NetRight Daily: Today's Top News on NRN

Pelosi Attempts to Raise ObamaCare From the Dead:  Breathing new life into the most unpopular legislative abomination in recent memory, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is setting the stage for the last stand of ObamaCare. It is an effort that may ultimately fail, but one in which she is clearly unwilling to cede the battlefield.

Labor Nominees' Support for Union Thug Tactics Goes Unmentioned:  Republicans lack the bipartisan spirit because they moved against a nominee to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) who favored coercive union tactics, The New York Times contends. On Wednesday, President Obama held a White House meeting with leaders from both parties that established areas of cooperation.

Obama: Defunding NASA's Moon Missions:  Surprisingly, it was not the first moon landing, itself, that initially captivated my teenage attention during NASA's early Apollo flights. It was when American astronauts circled the moon a mission or two before the actual landing.

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