NHDP - Courting Wall Street, Ayotte Opposes Bonus Fee

Kelly Ayotte Comes Out Against Fee on Lavish Wall St. Bonuses As She Spends the Next Month Fundraising With Bank Lobbyists and Corporate Interests

CONCORD - Kelly Ayotte's campaign yesterday lashed out against a proposal to get back exorbitant Wall Street bonuses paid out by big banks that received billions in taxpayer-funded bailout money [Nashua Telegraph, 2/11/10]. The fees collected would go to paying down the national deficit. Ayotte's opposition came after news broke that over the next six weeks she scheduled fundraisers with lobbyists from AIG, JP Morgan, Chase Bank and Exxon Mobil [Union Leader, 2/10/10].

As she fundraises with Wall Street, insurance companies and other corporate interests, Ayotte has been taking their agenda to New Hampshire, pushing policies that would de-regulate big banks, allow lavish bonuses for top financial executives, create insurance company-run health care, promote tax cuts to the wealthy and allow unlimited corporate control over local elections.

"Kelly Ayotte has shown who she really stands for: Wall Street special interests," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Instead of being an independent voice for the middle-class families that need healthcare and jobs, she's become just another voice in the chorus of the Washington GOP - pushing an agenda crafted by the powerful corporate interests lining her campaign coffers."  

The proposal, embraced yesterday by Democratic senate candidate Paul Hodes, would impose a one-time, 50 percent fee on bonuses in excess of $400,000 paid out by firms that took more than $5 billion in bailout funds.