CEI Weekly: Horner Hosts Gordon Liddy Show

>>CEI's Chris Horner Hosts the G. Gordon Liddy Show

This Monday, CEI's Chris Horner, senior fellow at CEI filled in for Gordon Liddy and hosted his afternoon show. Listen to the show here

>>Shaping the Debate

Market Will Set Value of Comcast-NBC Merger

Ryan Radia's citation in the Tallahassee Democrat

MoveOn's Triple Whopper

Marlo Lewis' article in PajamasMedia

Killing Health Care Competition With Antitrust 

Gregory Conko and Kevin Hilferty's article in the Washington Times

Use of Genetically Modified Alfalfa Unnecessarily Held Hostage

Gregory Conko's article in the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

>>Best of the Blogs

Federal Government Shuts Down due to Snow

by Ryan Young

Few people outside of the DC area are likely to notice, but the recent snowstorm shut down the federal government today. Another big snow is on the way, so the feds are also taking tomorrow off. The Washington Post reports: Official estimate [sic] that closing the federal government for a day due to the weather costs roughly $100 million in lost productivity and opportunity costs... That is dwarfed, of course, by the opportunity costs of having a $3.8 trillion federal government in the first place.

“Health Care Freedom” Bills Pass Virginia Senate 

 by Hans Bader

The Virginia State Senate passed “health care freedom” bills giving citizens the right not to be forced to buy health insurance.  This sets up a potential conflict with the federal health care legislation backed by President Obama and congressional leaders, which contains an “individual mandate” requiring uninsured individuals to buy health insurance.

Driving the Bus all the Way to the Bank

by Ivan Osorio

Investment bankers and lawyers, move aside. If you want a truly high-powered salary, try driving a bus. Last year, the Madison, Wisconsin’s highest paid city employee was…a bus driver. The Wisconsin State-Journal reports: Madison’s highest paid city government employee last year wasn’t the mayor. It wasn’t the police chief. It wasn’t even the head of Metro Transit. It was bus driver John E. Nelson. Nelson earned $159,258 in 2009, including $109,892 in overtime and other pay

Audi Super Bowl Ad: Working Both Sides of Street

by Marlo Lewis

If you missed it Sunday, the Audi Super Bowl ad is on Youtube, and it’s a hoot. The ad promotes the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel. The main selling point, surprisingly, is not that this car, which won a “Green Car of the Year” award, is good for the planet, but that if you drive it, you won’t be hassled, bullied, and jailed by the “green police.” The ad tries to work both sides of the street. It attempts to appeal to those who believe SUVs are destroying the planet – and those who resent eco-elitists and busybodies telling them how to live.

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