CHQ - Young Cons Deliver Reagan's Message with Hip Hop YouTube Video

Young generation of conservatives using YouTube videos and other alternative media to get the message out

National Review - Mark Steyn praises the musical duo of Dartmouth grads that call themselves the Young Cons. Their new YouTube video, "The Problem," uses hip hop to take Ronald Reagan's message to the Millennial Generation. Judging by the group's growing popularity, the message seems to be resonating with the under 30 crowd.

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The Atlantic - "They're calling it 'The Mount Vernon Statement': a group of leaders of conservative groups will gather in Washington, DC on the eve of the yearly national Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and sign a pact--a 'definitive statement,' as it's being billed, defining the principles of the conservative movement."
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Wall Street Journal - John Fund examines recent contrasting statements made by Ronald Reagan's sons (Ron Jr. and Michael) as to whether the former president would have embraced the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin - and finds that the evidence suggests the elder Reagan would be right with those protesting Big Government (in other words, Ron Jr. is wrong). 
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