NetRight Daily: Global Warming, Green Jobs and More

The "Green Jobs" Scam Unmasked:  A year after it was passed, it has become painfully obvious to anyone with open eyes that the massive federal "stimulus" -- along with several other trillion-dollar government interventions in the free market -- has utterly failed to turn around America's economy. In fact, all this massive infusion of taxpayer cash has done is deprive our consumer-driven private sector of much-needed oxygen, while sending our annual deficits and national debt soaring to previously unthinkable heights.

Global Warming Is Responsible for Heavy SnowThis does get tiresome. Despite a growing body of evidence that shows man-made global warming theories are questionable at best, The New York Times continues to go through intense gyrations to sell the idea to the public.

Founders Would Cheer Virginia's Anti-ObamaCare Bill:  Virginia is moving towards passing legislation that would make it unlawful to implement federal legislation to compel Virginia residents to buy health insurance, a/k/a, Obamacare. On Monday, February 1st, the Democratic-controlled state senate of Virginia passed a bill that would block the implementation of the individual mandate of Obamacare.

Jobs Created Zero, Jobs Saved or Imagined...:  It's time for this administration to fold up their wishful thinking that the country can spend it's way out of economic problems, put it back on the shelf, and get in the game by doing something effective on the job creation front.

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