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Nearly a Decade Later and We have Nothing
Was the Entire "War on Terror" as ruse?

It is 2010 and we know less about 9/11 each day.  One "fact" after another comes into question until there are now none remaining.  Same thing with the invasion of Iraq.  No weapons of mass destruction existed, no "mobile bio-labs," no nuclear program, no ties to Al Qaida, nothing.  It was all invented, we have proven that much in 7 years of looking and not one piece of paper, not one shred of evidence.

We have been in Afghanistan even longer.  We have never found those magical "training camps" we were looking for.  We never found Usama bin Laden.  In fact, we have found nothing at all.  What should we have found?  If 9/11 was planned in Afghanistan find otu what should have been there..

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