GSCAEG - Sen. Gregg Rejects Expanded Gambling for NH

On Live Free or Die Alliance Webcast Tue 2-16-10 Sen. Gregg gives one word answer to "Do you support expanded gambling as way to increase NH revenue?"

Senator Gregg flatly rejected expanded gambling as a source of new revenue for New Hampshire to address its budget crisis. In responding to a viewer's question on the Live Free or Die Alliance webcast, he gave host Jack Heath a one word answer, "No."

Senator Gregg Elaborates

In response to Heath's request for clarification, Gregg forcefully spoke of the corrupting influence of outside gambling interests on the state's political process.

In addition, Gregg pointed out that expanded gambling simply does not fit in with "the basic character of the state."

A spokesperson for the coalition opposing expanded gambling said, "The stand of a former attorney general, former governor, senior senator must be taken quite seriously by all thoughtful NH policy makers." 

David Lamarre-Vincent of the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Gambling said he was pleased that Gregg spoke with such clarity.