NetRight Daily: Debt and More

Adam Smith's Prophecy:  In 1776, when Adam Smith published The Wealth of Nations, Great Britain was faced with a monumental sovereign debt crisis that would not be seen again until the 21st Century -- when the U.S. finds itself with a rapidly accelerating $12.4 trillion national debt, soon rising to 100 percent of the Gross Domestic Product within a few years. The last chapter of his opus magnum, "Of Public Debts," was dedicated to persuading the British Parliament of the calamity the British Empire was faced with. And, alas, they did not listen..

What's In a Name?:  After a recent editorial, a county Republican chairperson questioned my use of the word 'Democratic' as in 'Democratic Party,' noting that she had seen and heard 'Democrat' Party about as often. Which one, she wondered, was correct.

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