Bass Announces Bid for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District

Bass - "There is a real, growing anger across New Hampshire... And people are right to be angry - because Washington's spending is out of control."

(Peterborough, NH)- Today, former U.S. Rep. Charles F. Bass (R-NH) announced his bid for New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District. “There is a real, growing anger across New Hampshire. A bipartisan anger that Democrat leaders in Washington simply don't get,” said Bass. “People are right to be angry, because Washington's spending is out of control, while they do nothing to support the creation of real jobs.”

“Democrats in Washington don't understand that government isn't always the answer. It is often the problem,” continued Bass. “Instead of spurring the economy by supporting private sector growth, Washington Democrats piled up mountains of unsustainable debt through a trillion dollar economic 'stimulus' package that did little to stimulate job growth - but plenty to stimulate the size of federal government.”

“Instead of learning from the failures of their so-called stimulus,' Democrats stubbornly sought to reform our healthcare system with the same ineffective, big-government approach,” continued Bass. “We've had enough of the Nancy Pelosi-Harry Reid-Barack Obama multitrillion dollar nationalization of health care, with its back-room deals, secret negotiations, and special favors for votes.”

Bass continued, “New Hampshire has had enough of Barack Obama coddling terrorists, giving the Christmas Day Bomber Miranda rights, moving Guantanamo terrorists to Illinois, and holding out an olive branch to Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It's time to make national security our highest priority.”

“This is why, today, I am announcing my bid to represent the people of New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District in Congress - to cut government spending, reduce our debt, strengthen national security, and stop the big-government health care takeover,” continued Bass. “We can do better. We can find solutions to the challenges facing our state and our nation. And we can leave a better future for our children and our grandchildren.”

Bass has also operated a successful, family-owned small business and currently serves on the Board of Managers of New England Wood Pellet, a rapidly growing manufacturer of clean burning wood pellets for residential and commercial heat and power generation. He is currently engaged as senior advisor to the CEO of Laidlaw Energy Group, a New York company engaged in the conversion of the former Fraser Pulp and Paper site in Berlin, NH to a clean woodchip-burning electric utility. He is also providing management advice to a leading company in the field of advanced bio fuels, and he is an advisor to Berwind Private Equity, headquartered in Harvard, MA.

“When I left office in 2006, I went back to the private sector. I know what it's like to build and grow a small business, to make payroll and create jobs. I know from experience that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and that our leaders in Washington should be doing everything they can to support them,” continued Bass. “It's time we had more leaders in Washington who know the economic realities facing small business owners. Leaders who know that we need government to cut taxes, eliminate bureaucratic red tape, and create an economic environment that will encourage investment.”

“These are serious times, and our families and small businesses face challenges that call for serious solutions. The people of New Hampshire deserve real leadership in Washington, not more empty election year rhetoric and political gimmicks,” concluded Bass.

Bass maintains his residence in Peterborough, NH with his wife, Lisa and their two children, Lucy and Jonathan.