Guinta For Congress - A Not So Happy Anniversary!

Where are the jobs? 1 Year and nearly $1 Trillion Later, NH CD-1 Residents are still waiting.

Manchester NH- Today marks the one year anniversary since President Obama signed the Pelosi/Shea-Porter so-called "stimulus act" into law. We were promised at that time that the plan would "create or save" 2.5 million jobs immediately and 4.1 million jobs by 2010. It was also claimed that the stimulus plan would push the unemployment rate under 8% nationally.

Unfortunately, what was promised and what we received are two vastly different things. This leaves Carol Shea-Porter quietly hoping that New Hampshire CD-1 residents have not noticed that the country has lost 2.74 million jobs since then and that New Hampshire's unemployment rolls have now risen to 51,000 strong. Bad as this news if for our citizens, it gets worse when we remember the enormous debt this program has burdened onto future generations.

According to Frank Guinta, "One year and nearly 1-trillion dollars later in federal spending, and we are still waiting for the promised jobs from this alleged stimulus of the national economy. We don't need more stimulus spending nor do we need to add to the deficit. Instead we need to eliminate federal tax increases, decrease regulations and tear down the self-imposed obstacles that have been put in the way of real economic growth."