NetRight Daily: Polls, Mount Vernon and More

The Mount Vernon Statement:  As you may know, NetRight Nation is a part of Americans for Limited Government. Today, Bill Wilson, the President of Americans for Limited Government, was a part of the original authors that signed the Mount Vernon Statement. Read the statement here.

NYT Report on Polls Conceals Public's Intense Opposition to Democrats:  Every president comes back down to earth from the stratospheric highs that greet every incoming administration. Even so, Obama's fall from grace has been particularly precipitous, according to recent polls. Most Americans now say that he does not deserve re-election and disapprove of his performance.

New York Times, Meet Phil Jones:  Just a few weeks before the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference convened in December of 2009, the New York Times saw fit to report on "a growing body of scientific evidence" showing human emissions are largely responsible for global warming that could prove catastrophic. The newspaper was hardly alone in promoting the alarmist position -- at the expense of other research that shows the human connection has been greatly exaggerated.

NCLB Should Be Repealed, Not Revamped:  The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), signed into law by Bush in 2002, relied on financial coercion to improve state education standards and school district performance, with a focus on reading and math. This federal mandate, oddly supported by Republican lawmakers despite its obvious violation of limited government principles and states' rights, was unnecessary and, according to some, unconstitutional.

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