NHDP - Ayotte Jobs Plan: Hike Middle-Class Taxes, Lay Off Teachers and Cops

Kelly Ayotte Pushes to Repeal the Recovery Act - Would Raise Taxes on 500,000 Middle-Class Families in NH and Lay Off Teachers and Policemen Across the State Employed With Stimulus Dollars
CONCORD - After months of refusing to lay out a jobs plan, Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte finally told the Granite State how she would deal with unemployment and job loss amongst New Hampshire's middle class - repeal the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act [Concord Monitor, 2/15/10].  
The Recovery Act included the largest middle-class tax cut in history, which will provide $300 million in tax relief to 500,000 New Hampshire families over a two-year period. Nationally, 110 million families are benefitting from the tax credit [Seacoastonline.com, 1/31/10]. The Recovery Act was also used by cities and towns across the Granite State to hire new police officers and re-hire teachers laid off as a result of economic decline [Union Leader, 7/28/09; 8/26/09].
"Kelly Ayotte has been silent for months on a jobs plan, and when she finally speaks up she has two ideas - raise taxes and lay off cops," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "The Recovery Act put teachers in our classrooms, policemen on our streets and delivered the single largest tax credit in history to middle-class families. If Kelly Ayotte wasn't letting the Washington GOP write her jobs plan, she might have better ideas for New Hampshire."
Besides funding the largest middle-class tax credit in history, supporting the State budget and investing in essential infrastructure projects, the Recovery Act was used to hire policemen, firefighters and teachers across New Hampshire. In Manchester, for example, funds were used to hire ten police officers and re-hire 52 teachers who had been laid off [Union Leader, 7/28/09; 8/26/09]
"In Manchester alone that's at least 62 people Kelly Ayotte would like to lay off," said Browne.