Ayotte For US Senate - In Case You Missed It This Week...2/18/2010

In Case You Missed It This Week...2/18/2010

David Boutin - KAA Photo

Republican Momentum Continues To Grow

Congratulations to Senator-Elect David Boutin!

On Tuesday, David Boutin won the Special Election for State Senate. The election was held to fill the vacant State Senate seat of the newly elected Mayor of Manchester, Ted Gatsas.

Ayotte Op-Ed: On Spending, Hodes' Deeds Don't Match His Words

Four Ideas To Rein-In The Budget

In case you missed it, be sure to read Kelly’s Op-Ed on spending and fiscal reform that ran this week in the Concord Monitor.

Since Hodes was elected to Congress in 2006, the annual budget has grown from $2.65 trillion to $3.99 trillion, an eye popping 50 percent increase in three years. During his time in office, the annual deficit has gone from $248 billion to $1.56 trillion, a staggering 525 percent increase. And our national debt has climbed from $8.4 trillion to more than $12.3 trillion… We need more than empty election-year promises to get our fiscal house in order. Our country deserves real leadership across party lines. Together, we can bring fiscal sanity and New Hampshire common sense to Washington to get our country back on track.

Read the complete Op-Ed here.

Happy Anniversary Paul Hodes

One Year and Nearly $1 Trillion Later, Hodes-backed Stimulus Fails to Deliver for NH’s Unemployed

We want to wish Paul Hodes a happy anniversary, but can’t help to wonder, does he have a serious case of buyer’s remorse on the stimulus package’s first anniversary? Just a year ago, he made the wild claim, ‘Today the House took decisive action to pass this important piece of legislation to create thousands of jobs for New Hampshire…it will invest in getting our economy moving and will create and protect millions of jobs for Americans.’

“In reality, 2.8 million jobs have been lost since the Hodes-backed stimulus became law and unemployment hovers around 10%. The number of jobless New Hampshire residents has jumped to over 51,000 – despite nearly $1 billion in Recovery Act spending in the state. Alarmingly, America’s annual deficit has climbed from $248 billion to $1.56 trillion – 525% – during Hodes’ time in office.”

Read more here.

Ayotte Travels Throughout New Hampshire Meeting With Voters

This week, Kelly spoke at the Concord Rotary and addressed the GOP Committee Meeting in Wakefield. On Wednesday evening Kelly met with the Manchester GOP Committee.

Later today, Kelly will be in Nashua for the Teen Age Republicans (TARS) Lincoln-Reagan Celebration at Nashua High School South and on Friday, Kelly will attend the Carroll County Lincoln Day Dinner in Ossipee.

This weekend, Kelly will be in Walpole for the Cheshire-Sullivan County Lincoln Day event on Saturday.

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