NHDP - New Tracker Footage: Ayotte Tries to Explain Her Use of Recovery Funds for Cold Case Unit

LAST NIGHT: Ayotte Tries to Explain Use of Recovery Funds for Cold Case Unit

[Ayotte Remarks, Manchester GOP Meeting, 2/18/10]


LAST YEAR: Ayotte Welcomes Recovery Act Dollars

[WMUR, 7/15/09]



Ayotte to NH: Give Cold Case Money Back?


Just Like JUA, Kelly Ayotte Runs Away from Tenure As AG, Backtracks Stimulus Support


 In Advocating Full Repeal of Recovery Act, Would She Tell NH To Give The Money Back?  


CONCORD - Last night, Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte continued to advocate repealing the Recovery Act, despite supporting it as Attorney General, when she received and administered Recovery funds for New Hampshire's first cold case unit [Ayotte Remarks, Manchester, 2/18/10].


"If Ayotte wants to stop the Recovery Act in its tracks, would she shut down the cold case unit and tell New Hampshire to give the money back?" said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Would she run away from the program she supported as Attorney General?"


At the time, Ayotte applauded the use of stimulus funds, saying that "in times of economic uncertainty and with the potential for increasing crime, we need to continue to support these programs." [NH Political Report, 7/17/09] Last night, however, she once again tried to run away from a decision she made as Attorney General, saying that she "didn't have authority over the budget" and "didn't have a policy decision." [Ayotte Remarks, Manchester, 2/18/10]


"Does that excuse sound familiar?" said Browne. "It's the exact same one she used earlier this month to try and back away from her decision as Attorney General to use $110 million in JUA funds to balance the state budget."


Ayotte's office authored the legal opinion green-lighting the use of the JUA funds. As a senate candidate, she has tried to back away from the decision to garner support with Republicans across the state who opposed the measure, saying that she "didn't weigh in one way or another." [Union Leader, 2/4/10] Governor Lynch's office, however, quickly dismissed her claims, saying that: "The Governor worked closely with the Attorney General's office on the development of the JUA policy. Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte never once raised an objection during the process." [WMUR, 2/3/10]


"It seems Ayotte did an awful lot she didn't believe in as Attorney General - would she do the same thing in the US Senate?" said Browne.