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Dear Fellow AFP Activist,

January was a big month for the conservative movement and for our country. In crystal clear fashion, the people of Massachusetts told President Obama and Congressional Democrats to end the health care takeover now with the election of Senator Scott Brown. 

After receiving the message, the president attempted to pass himself off as a job-creating, fiscally responsible political leader in his first State of the Union address. Sadly, Americans know better as they witnessed his big-government, tax-and-spend liberal agenda all last year. 

Despite the president's misleading speech and despite the massive liberal majorities in Congress...WE ARE WINNING.  Our conservative, pro-freedom, low tax, less government principles are winning.

I know you have put in tireless hours to make your voice heard in Washington and you are making a difference. This month we took huge steps forward in the fight for freedom. However, we know the president and Congress will move ahead with their liberal agenda in the coming months. That's why we can't let up.

Thank you for all that you do. Please read on to learn more about what we are doing at AFP.




State of the Union, the Voice of the People


Tonight AFP President Tim Phillips and six other leaders in the conservative movement, representing organizations with a combined membership of over 15 million Americans, will deliver The State of The Union, The Voice of The People live at 8p.m. eastern time. To register and watch visit 


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AFP Crowds Around the Country Gather to Watch the State of the Union 

AFP hosted town hall meetings across the nation on Wednesday night during the State of the Union to send a message that this attempted big-government health care takeover must end now.  

Read more and see video HERE.

Grassroots Activists Reject So Called "Open Internet" Regulations

AFP conducted a public comment campaign that resulted in more than 22,000 comments from regular Americans opposed to new regulations in the name of "net neutrality" or an "open Internet."

Read the full story HERE. Stay tuned for another round of comments soon.

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Don't buy the hype! The so-called 'jobs bill' is just more failed Washington stimulus.

Top Democrat leaders admit that last year's "stimulus" did not (and will not) work.  But now they're calling for yet another round of waste and special-interest handouts - this time they're calling it a "jobs bill," but it's really just more of the same failed stimulus policies. Sign the NoStimulus petition today!

New Obama Budget Conceals Massive Cap-and-Trade Tax

The big news in last year's budget release was the revelation that the Obama administration planned to use cap-and-trade to raise $646 billion over ten years to finance its big spending programs. This year's budget actually has, literally, a blank line for the cap-and-trade tax.

Read more HERE and stayed tuned to for more details.