CHQ - Little wonder only 20% identify as Republicans

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@RichardViguerie   #3 in GOP Senate leadership Lamar Alexander on Fox said Obama not an ideologue. Wonder no more why only 20% identify as Republicans.

New media show strength of conservative movement
Washington Post - "For all those who predicted the death of the conservative movement after the elections of 2006 and 2008, here's a look at how conservatives have responded to their time in the electoral 'wilderness.'  Instead of packing it in and calling it quits, conservatives have instead established a vast nationwide network of policy groups and grassroots organizations full of motivated citizens who aren't about to sit idly by and watch America go the way of socialism without a fight." 

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Daily Lickskillet We've got a shot at the seat for the first time since 1867!
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Tea Party candidate leads in poll of Republican Gubernatorial Primary in Illinois
Gateway Pundit - "Adam Andrzejewski (running for Governor in Illinois) surges to within two points in latest polling."

Can Sarah Palin save McCain's political life?  Should she?
Politics Daily  - "Liberal writer David Corn takes a shot at conservatives while posing an interesting question:  should Sarah Palin be campaigning for John McCain in Arizona?  Corn is correct in stating that McCain was responsible for elevating Palin to national prominence, but whether she's a 'gift' to Tea Partiers and the conservative movement is still yet to be determined.  Corn is right about one thing:  conservatives will be watching to see how much effort she puts into her stumping on behalf of her former running-mate."

Rand Paul revolution?
American Conservative (blog)  - Ron Paul made a splash during the 2008 presidential primaries as the only Republican that advocated a true return to Constitutional governance - and now his son, Rand, is creating a similar wave during his run for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky.  Rand Paul is in many ways a younger version of his father, yet also is finding it difficult to balance the need to keep his libertarian supporters happy while articulating enough of a conservative message to win the GOP nomination in his state.

GOP challengers fueled by Tea Party activists
Dallas Morning News - "A wave of anti-establishment fervor - first harnessed last year with the grassroots conservative 'Tea Party' movement - has led to a surge of challenges to Republican state House incumbents in the March 2 primary elections. Challengers say the GOP veterans are too moderate and have repeatedly failed to meet conservative benchmarks."

Rubio has double digit lead over Crist in Florida
Rasmussen Reports - "Former state House Speaker Marco Rubio has now jumped to a 12-point lead over Governor Charlie Crist in Florida's Republican Primary race for the U.S. Senate."

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