Manchester, NH – Today President Barak Obama outlined his proposed budget for 2011.  The $3.8 trillion dollar budget includes spending increases, tax hikes and predicts a $1.4 trillion dollar deficit.  Frank Guinta released the following statement on the proposal.


“President Obama is visiting NH tomorrow, the day after he delivered his proposed Budget to Congress.  I urge my fellow Granite Staters to make sure President Obama hears us as we say NO to the increased spending, the increased taxes and the creation of the highest deficit spending bill in American history.  We have soundly rejected many of the proposals he includes in his budget in the past, let’s hope Congress stands by us as they work through this budget.  It is time our members of Congress started listening to the people, not the fellow politicians.


We have demanded loudly no more deficit to hinder the success of future generations, yet this budget predicts a $1.4 trillion dollar deficit for next year.  We have asked for tax benefits, not increases to help revitalize the business climate so they may grow and hire. We have asked for the government to take a serious look at health care reform that will reduce the costs for everyone by implementing medical malpractice reform, allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, implementing small business polling and providing tax incentives. We know Stimulus 1 was a trillion dollar failed attempt to stimulate our economy and don’t know why Congress and the Administration now calls for a Stimulus 2.


We have asked for common sense, will Congress listen?” -- Frank Guinta, 1st Congressional District Candidate