CHQ - Opportunity to Learn Tea Party Organizing Secrets

 In January 2010, Tea Party leaders from across America gathered in Dallas for the historic ...


Now you can "attend" this landmark turning point in this rising grassroots movement from the comfort of your own home via a national webcast.  You can either watch live on February 27, or view the replay at your own convenience through March 31 -- but you must register before February 27.

On Saturday, February 27th -- the One Year Anniversary of the Tea Party Movement -- join Tea Party leaders  Bill Hennessy ... Michael Johns ...  Dana Loesch...Lorie Medina ...Ken Emanuelson ...  Katrina Pierson ...Phillip Dennis...Eric Odom  and others in a  training session hosted by Michael Patrick Leahy to boost your local Tea Party's effectiveness and success.

Plus there will be a keynote address from conservative author, direct mail pioneer, and Chairman of, Richard Viguerie.

You'll learn from the NEW Founding Fathers and Mothers of the Conservative Revolution what it takes to send the Washington Establishment packing!

But your cost for the February 27th conference is only $19.95 -- a small price to pay considering many who on attended on January 29 paid $250 to $500:

  • A live-hosted online Webcast of key filmed Dallas training sessions, live presentations by Tea Party Leaders, and Q & A segments so you can ask presenters your questions via email.
  • Richard Viguerie's keynote address.  One of the founders of the modern conservative movement, Viguerie, gives a behind the scenes look at the past and also covers the present and future of the small, limited government cause.
  • Unlimited access to the conference archives so you can view the sessions at your leisure through March 31, 2010.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn how to make your grassroots efforts achieve big results.

Click this link to register

Dear Grassroots Conservative,

The sound of the guns is just over the next hill.  Now's the time to join the battle while we can still win! Your very liberty is at stake!

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid blitzkrieg has temporarily hit a wall--Tea Party patriots like you and me.  But we can't just rest on our laurels and hold the line.  We must press the attack NOW. If we don't, limited government by the people will buckle under the next onslaught of the statist bureaucracy.

You've gone from disbelief to anger to frustration to outrage to relief. Okay, catch your breath.  Then get ready to push back the enemies of the Constitution ...


To make a real difference and return the power to the people where it rightfully belongs, you need to arm yourself with the weapons you need to take your grassroots activism to the next level.

Saturday, February 27th, you have the opportunity to learn the techniques necessary to reclaim our country for the people and not only stop the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda dead in its tracks, but return our country to our Founders' vision and principles.

You'll learn ...

  • How to build a highly effective local Tea Party leadership team
  • How to legally structure your local group to avoid legal issues or problems
  • How to employ rapid response techniques that work
  • How to defeat established politicians in the 2010 primaries
  • How to talk to the press and get good press coverage
  • How to use technology to get your message out

Click right now for the full agenda.

February 27th could be one of the most important days in your political life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join with Tea Party members throughout the country to build your strategic and tactical arsenal.

Register for this landmark online workshop today and you will not only receive access to the live webcast but you will also get unlimited access to the full recorded archives of the event for the remainder of February and March 2010.

I look forward to joining you on Saturday, February 27th, for what promises to be the next giant step in the Tea Party movement.

In defense of liberty,

Richard A. Viguerie
Viguerie Marketing Institute (TM)

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