CHQ - Viguerie disagrees with Palin - Tea Partiers should not join GOP

Here are my tweets for today:
@RichardViguerie   Sarah Palin says Tea Partiers should pick a party. I strongly disagree. That will make it easy for Republicans to control Tea Partiers.

@RichardViguerie   Tea Partiers and traditional conservatives should operate within the 2 major parties pulling them both toward constitutional government.

@RichardViguerie   Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev said-what the Communists control is theirs and we'll fight over the remainder. Reagan had a different idea.

@RichardViguerie   Conservatives abandoned the Democrats to the left but fight over GOP. That hasn't worked well. We should operate in both parties.

The re-establishment of America
American Thinker  - Former Reagan Administration official Herbert Meyer writes that America is about to do something unprecedented:  peacefully replace our entire political establishment.  Meyer surmises that most Americans don't pay close attention to politics and desire to upset the balance only when the political class really messes things up (as they've done) -- but in these times, it's clear to even the uninvolved that things have to change.  The end result, Meyer believes, will be a wholesale changeover of the political establishment that's heretofore unheard of.

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