CHQ - CPAC Sparks Controversy and Alternatives within Conservative Grassroots

Glenn Beck blasts GOP at CPAC
Newsmax - Conservative media talker Glenn Beck has never been known to hide his opinions, and he shared more than a few with the CPAC audience while delivering the final major speech of the convention on Saturday night.  Beck was blunt with his criticisms of the Republican Party, claiming that it is addicted to spending and Big Government - and that the first step to getting better is for the Party to admit it has a problem.

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Bill Bennet vs. Glenn Beck
Hot Air - "Bill Bennett was not a fan of Glenn Beck's speech at CPAC... I doubt Beck would deny that there is a difference between Michelle Bachman and Barney Frank. However, the Congressional Republican party's record on spending and growing government during the G. W. Bush administration looks good only by comparison to the Obama administration's plans.

"Students flock to CPAC from around the country
Daily Caller - "Students across the country traveled long distances and often paid out of pocket expenses to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington this weekend."

'Restore America' rally unites conservative
Lexington Herald-Leader -  CPAC wasn't the only gathering of conservatives this weekend, as several hundred people in Kentucky held a 'Restore America' rally of their own to promote a return to the limited government principles embodied in the Constitution.

Online Contract From America is launched
World Net Daily - Since its inception, liberals have criticized the Tea Party movement as being all about enthusiasm and anger and not about substance - but the movement's passions are about to be turned into real policy demands, in the form of the Contract From America. 

Can Tea Party lift unknown to nominee?
Denver Post - "The Tea Party coalition has re-energized the conservative base, but how far can the grassroots movement carry a candidate? Dan Maes' gubernatorial campaign in Colorado may provide the answer."


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