CHQ - Tea Partyers Add Energy and Stability to the Conservative Movement

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@RichardViguerie   My article in today's Investors Business Daily says conservative movement has added a 4th leg.

A Fourth Leg for Conservatives' Big Table
Investors Business Daily (Richard A. Viguerie) -  Richard Viguerie sees the addition of a fourth 'leg' to the conservative table, which comes in the form of the rapidly growing Tea Party movement. The new Tea Party 'leg' is unique because it is truly independent (whereas the conservative movement became an appendage of the GOP) -- and although conservatives may not always like what the Tea Party has to say, it would be unwise not to listen to them. 

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CPAC Marks Major Conservative Shift (Justin Quinn) - "There is no question that the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was different than those of years past. More than ever, right-leaning Americans are looking toward conservatives for answers, and for the first time, the message from CPAC speakers was one of confidence and reassurance."

Conservative blogger comments on Richard Viguerie's analysis of the Tea Party movement
Riehl World View - An interesting look at the development of the conservative movement from two legs, to three, with the inclusion of the social conservative movement. Now, Viguerie sees the Tea Party movement as sort of a potential fourth leg. That may hold for this year and on through 2012. But where things go from there could be a different matter.

Tea Party challenges Keith Olbermann
Politico - The Dallas Tea Party has taken on Keith Olbermann. As Politico reports today, they are criticizing Olbermann "for suggesting the conservative grassroots organizations lack diversity, challenging the MSNBC host to attend an anti-tax rally on Saturday."

Conservatives must avoid complacency
Washington Examiner - The recently concluded CPAC meeting showed that conservatives appear to be united in opposition to a common enemy in the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress - but the 'battle' is far from won, and conservatives must not take it for granted that they'll soon be in power. 

March 23, 2010 We Begin Taking Back the GOP
Red State (Erick Erickson) - "One month from today, Republicans and Democrats in Utah will convene in their caucus meetings. The meetings will help select delegates for the Utah party conventions. I'm interested in the Republican one."

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