NetRight Daily: ObamaCare, Jobs Bill and More

The New and Improved ObamaCare:  Yesterday, Barack Obama unveiled his latest, "new-and-improved" version of ObamaCare. Sadly for the American people, it's more of the same. According to the New York Times, the Obama proposal "sticks largely to the version passed by the Senate in December." This is therefore the same proposal that 58 percent of voters overwhelmingly oppose, as reported by Rasmussen Reports. A full 61 percent want Congress to simply start over.

Uncommon Knowledge:  The latest episode features an interview with Rupert Murdoch, the man behind News Corp. and Fox News.

The Really Dark Side of Card Check:  Many observers are justly alarmed by one of the biggest pending thank-you gifts from the Obama administration to Big Labor—the proposed Employee "Free Choice" Act (EFCA). Already passed by the U.S. House of Representatives (HR 800), the measure would radically change how unions organize employees. Under federal law since 1935, employees have voted by secret ballot on whether to accept a union as their bargaining agent.

Stay On Top of Electoral Manipulation:  After being pummeled in '06 and '08, Republicans are regaining their footing. With the potential for huge gains this November -- including the possibility of retaking the House and Senate -- the base isn't going to let anything as mundane as electoral manipulation dampen their spirits.

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