NHDP - Frank Guinta: If Elected to Congress Education would be "On the Chopping Block"

Guinta Promises to Implement Same Failed Education Policies in Congress that Left Manchester Schools in Disrepair


Concord - Foster's Daily Democrat reported yesterday that former Mayor Frank Guinta would slash funding for education if elected to Congress.  He promised that education would be "on the chopping block" if the voters of the first Congressional District send him to Washington (Fosters, 02/22/2010).


Under Frank Guinta's watch the Manchester's schools got worse, not better - the city went from having a handful of schools 'In Need of Improvement' to the entire district of 21 schools in need of repair (New Hampshire Department of Education SINI Final AYP Status, 11/08/06).  When Frank Guinta first ran for mayor in 2005, he campaigned on improving Manchester's schools (Union Leader, 1/3/2006).   But in September of 2006, Manchester's Central high school principal even had to put out a plea to parents for school supplies after budget cuts left them short materials (Union Leader, 9/25/06). 

"Frank Guinta failed Manchester's students as mayor," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Now he is asking for a promotion to Congress to implement these same failed education policies on a national level."


In 2007, Guinta tried to excuse his poor performance by pathetically claiming he "hadn't had enough time" to do anything about the problem (youtube.com).  But just last spring Guinta proposed yet another budget that was devastating for Manchester students.  His proposal would have cut an estimated 223 positions from the Manchester School District, leaving schools woefully understaffed (Union Leader, 4/14/09).


"Frank Guinta's plan to put education on the chopping block comes as no surprise given his record of slashing education funding and laying-off teachers as mayor of Manchester," continued Richer.  "But now that Guinta has laid down the gauntlet, his opponents in the primary, Rich Ashooh and Bob Bestani, should tell the voters if they support these draconian cuts to education or if they stand with the people of the Granite State."