NHDP - Will Ayotte Defend Insurance Companies' Massive Rate Increases?

Kelly Ayotte Has Consistently Opposed Health Care Reform - Will She Fight President's Proposal to Block Excessive Rate Increases by Insurance Companies?


CONCORD - Yesterday, President Obama revealed his comprehensive health care plan, which includes a proposal to give the federal government the ability to block excessive rate increases by insurance companies [New York Times, 2/21/10]. The president's proposal comes after a major insurance giant on the West Coast announced earlier this month that it would be hiking premiums as much as 39 percent [LA Times, 2/14/10].


Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte has opposed health care reform at every step, pushing a misguided GOP plan that would eliminate essential consumer protections and give insurance companies the power to cherry-pick who they cover. Last month she continued courting the insurance industry and right-wing special interest groups and signed the Repeal It! healthcare pledge, promising to repeal health care reform, if elected [Ayotte Release, 1/15/10]. Given her record of opposing reform, will Ayotte fight the president's proposal to keep insurance companies accountable and protect New Hampshire consumers from arbitrary rate increases?


"While New Hampshire's middle class has fought back-breaking premiums and rising health care costs, big insurance companies have enjoyed record profits," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Kelly Ayotte has been their voice in New Hampshire, pushing an agenda that would give them complete control over the health care of our families. Will she once again pick insurance companies over New Hampshire's middle class and fight against the president's proposal to protect Granite State consumers from massive rate increases?"