NetRight Daily: Harry Reid, Health Care, Unions and More

Union Approval Ratings PlummetEd Morrisey at HotAir has the story. According to Pew Research, the favorability of Unions by the people has hit a new low. Over the past three years, favorable opinions have fallen from 58% to 42%. That is a huge fall.

Where is Van Jones?:  According to the Washington Post, Van Jones will be teaching at Princeton. Aside from his work at Princeton, Jones will also be a returning to the Center for American Progress, the official hideout for Communists of the first order.

Televised Circus at 1600 Penn:  "Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up! Hurry, hurry! Here's a sight you haven't seen before: bipartisan healthcare negotiations!" That's what President Obama has been trumpeting to the American people for over two weeks now, with his healthcare summit at the historic Blair House now less than 24 hours away.

Have You No Shame, Keith?:  The Dallas Tea Party group has put out a great video calling out Keith Olbermann for his crazy remarks on a lack of diversity in the Tea Party Movement. The Dallas Tea Party has proven Keith wrong and has invited Keith to join them in Dallas to fact-check his statements. Will Keith apologize? Nope. Will Keith recognize that the lineup on his channel is actually less diverse than the Tea Party Movement? Unlikely.

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