NHDP - Under Frank Guinta Overall Crime in Manchester is Up 5%

Despite sharp increases in crime, former mayor continues to lie to public claiming violent crime went down


Concord - The Union Leader reported yesterday that citywide crime increased nearly 5% during Frank Guinta's last year as mayor of Manchester.   Violent crime was up even more, increasing nearly 10%, and according to the Union Leader "burglaries boom(ed)" last year, increasing 30%.  (Manchester Police Department, "Crime Data," accessed 1/21/10), (Union Leader, 2/23/2010)


Despite Frank Guinta's campaign promises to make crime a top priority he repeatedly proposed budgets that slashed public safety.   Guinta promised to add four additional officers to the Manchester police force last October at a Press Conference (Union Leader, 2/14/2010), but then proposed slashing funding for public safety in the FY2009 budget.  


Police Chief, David Mara now estimates that by June the city will be short of a full compliment by nine officers.  (Union Leader, 2/23/2010)  Guinta's budget also proposed an 80% cut to neighborhood watch programs, and laying-off 25 firefighters.  [Union Leader, 04/22/2008; 5/17/2009; 4/23/08] 


"Crime has skyrocketed in Manchester under Frank Guinta's tenure as mayor," said Derek Richer press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "And it's a direct result of his decision to slash funding for police and first responders."


Despite the sharp increase in crime, Frank Guinta is now traveling the state on his "Let's be Frank about..." tour claiming that violent crime actually decreased.  Today, in the Laconia Citizen Frank Guinta claimed that he "was also proud of reducing violent crime in Manchester."  Guinta then seemed to realize that this statement was directly contradicted by the facts on the ground and followed up by stressing that he was "an honest, upright guy." (Laconia Citizen, 2/24/2010)


"Now Guinta is just lying about his record, hoping no one will notice," continued Richer.  "Frank Guinta needs to start speaking frankly with the voters about his failure to keep Manchester streets safe."