Ayotte For US Senate - In Case You Missed It This Week...2/25/2010

Paul Hodes Refuses to Let Go of Public Option

Continues Push For Government Takeover Of Health Care

Paul Hodes couldn’t be more out of touch with New Hampshire. As President Obama unveils a $1 trillion health care plan, Hodes has doubled-down on the deeply unpopular public option. He’s even joined the fringe of his party in trying to ram government-run health care through Congress.

“Maybe if Paul Hodes read the health care bill or had held open town hall meetings with New Hampshire voters, he’d understand that Granite State families don’t support his plan for a $1 trillion government takeover of health care that cuts Medicare, raises taxes, makes coverage more expensive, and spends our nation further into debt.

“We need common sense health care reform that results in improved care with lower costs. That’s why Kelly Ayotte supports meaningful lawsuit abuse reform, which estimates show would reduce costs by $54 billion, as well as wellness programs and increasing competition through measures such as allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines.”

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Ayotte On The Issues  

In case you missed it, view Kelly’s new Issue pages on her website, and let us know your thoughts.

Budget and Spending

Kelly Ayotte will fight hard for New Hampshire taxpayers to stop the professional politicians from bankrupting our country. This year’s budget deficit is a staggering $1.4 trillion and our national debt is over $12 trillion. Congress cannot continue to spend money that we do not have, and burden our children with a debt they cannot afford. We need to return to a fiscally responsible, common sense approach to spending that allows our country to prosper and create jobs.

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Crime And Safety

As Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte served New Hampshire as a tough on crime prosecutor fighting to keep families safe. Under Kelly’s watch as the chief law enforcement officer, New Hampshire was ranked the safest state in the Nation for the past two years.

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Energy And The Environment

Our country needs a comprehensive energy policy that reduces U.S. dependence on foreign sources of energy. We can accomplish this through increased conservation efforts and by expanding our domestic energy sources.

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Health Care

With health care costs growing at unsustainable rates, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to provide coverage for employees and more expensive for New Hampshire families to obtain affordable coverage. Congress needs to enact meaningful health care reforms that lower costs and improve quality.

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Kelly Ayotte is committed to strengthening New Hampshire’s economy and nurturing new opportunities for business owners. She understands the critical role that entrepreneurs and small business owners play in ensuring that New Hampshire has a vibrant economy.

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National Security

President Obama recently stated that we are at war with Al Qaeda, and I agree with him. Unfortunately, we part ways after that, as his policies do not match his rhetoric.

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Responsible Government

As Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte earned a reputation for keeping our public servants honest. When our elected officials violated the public trust, Kelly prosecuted them regardless of political party. Unfortunately, in Washington, backroom deals have become the norm and legislators trading favors for votes has become common place.

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Second Amendment

Kelly Ayotte has a strong record of protecting New Hampshire citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms. Kelly is a strong and passionate supporter of our citizens’ individual right to keep and bear arms.

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Upcoming Ayotte Events and Travel

On Friday, Kelly will attend the NH GOP Reception with Representative Paul Ryan in Hampton Falls.

On Sunday, Kelly will be in Epsom for the Suncook Valley GOP Committee Candidate Forum.

Next week, Kelly will be on the Seacoast for the Portsmouth Rotary’s Candidates Luncheon on Thursday and will attend the Strafford County Lincoln-Regan Reception on Friday.


Help Kelly take her message of fiscal discipline and real reform to Washington!