Heritage Health Care Summit Tool-Kit

Washington, DC is buzzing about the President’s so-called “Health Care Summit” today. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle will attend the event which will certainly lead the evening news tonight.

From our recent research entitled, The Health Care Summit: A Chance to Start Over and Get It Right, The Heritage Foundation’s position on the summit can be summed up this way:

 America's health care system is in need of change, but not change that consists of overhauling one-sixth of America's economy by centralizing health care decisions in Washington. The cornerstone provisions of the House and Senate proposals, along with the President's recent recommendations, would put more power in the hands of bureaucrats and politicians. The legislative process thus far has been characterized by little transparency or bipartisanship. To be successful, the health care summit must begin by setting aside the highly unpopular House and Senate bills. Simply adjusting the magnitude of these proposals or adding new "conservative" provisions does not change their fundamental direction. Congress and the Administration should instead pursue bipartisan reform that gives Americans greater personal control of health care decisions.


Heritage continues to provide up-to-the-minute analysis and commentary on the ongoing health care negotiations, and I wanted you to make sure these resources are just one click away as you discuss the issue with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers OR if you are blogging, tweeting and commenting on local news stories online. I have included links to videos as well as information on the details of the President’s “new” health care proposal. And, there is information on the Democrats’ proposal to pass the bill in the Senate outside of the regular rules by using what is known as “reconciliation” or the so-called “nuclear option.”


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