Lamontagne for US Senate - Starting Over and Getting It Right on Health Care

Dear Friends -

Earlier this week, President Obama announced his new health care "reform" proposal, a virtual copy of the same trillion dollar comprehensive, big government takeover that was proposed last year. And now today, President Obama, with his liberal allies Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at his side, is hosting a health care photo-op to once again make the case for a government run health care system.

Democrats like Paul Hodes believe that bureaucrats in Washington should be in charge of your family's health care. You'll hear them talk of 'single-payor' and 'public-option' programs, as well as 'individual mandates'. But regardless of how they try to sell it, the fact remains that the Obama/Hodes plan would effectively nationalize the American health care system, ultimately resulting in higher costs for families and small businesses, longer lines at the doctor's office and rationed care. Its no wonder that, as Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts recently showed, an overwhelming majority of the American public oppose nationalized health care. Despite this, President Obama and Congressional Democrats, supported by Paul Hodes, are prepared to ram this takeover through.

It's time to start over and get it right on health care.

Its clear that the current legislation can't be fixed. The process in arriving at this bill has been marked by corruption and scandal, punctuated with backroom maneuvering that resulted in the "Louisiana Purchase" and "Cornhusker Kickback" - sweetheart deals to ensure the support of individual senators. This is wrong, and typifies the 'anything goes' culture in a broken Washington, DC. Enough is enough.

As Senator for New Hampshire, I will fight the special interests at every turn, and oppose any government takeover of health care. At the same time, I will work to enact real, market based health care reforms that will lower costs, enhance competition in the private sector and increase access.

With so much at stake, there is no time to lose. Please visit my website today at to sign up and contribute, and lend your voice to our fight to take back the Senate and reform Washington.

Very truly yours,

Ovide Lamontagne Signature