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  1. Sweep for Boutin!
  2. Five Years of Failed Leadership
  3. Washington Democrats are Ignoring their Constituents
  4. Gov. Sununu Discusses the Failed Stimulus
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Sweep for Boutin

Despite being heavily outspent, David Boutin was swept into office with 58% of the vote in last Tuesday's SD-16 State Senate special election. His landslide victory was a result of the countless hours that volunteers spent getting out the vote.

David's win is a clear referendum on Gov. Lynch's job-killing LLC income tax on small businesses and the Democrats reckless tax-and-spend fiscal policy.


Five Years of Failed Leadership

John Lynch's job-killing income tax on small businesses was back in the news this week as the Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules voted 6-4, along party lines, to adopt the rules of the controversial new tax.

Republican leader Sen. Peter Bragdon points out that the new set of rules adopted goes beyond the Legislature's intent:

Bragdon noted the Legislature rejected a new state tax on capital gains. This new levy includes capital gains as one of the factors that goes into determining if the LLC as an entity in any given year was profitable or not.

"I believe these rules create a tax on capital gains.'' Bragdon said.

New Hampshire voters have had enough of John Lynch. Help us defeat him this November!


Washington Democrats are Ignoring their Constituents

According to a recent poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire (2/4), the Democrats’ reckless health care agenda is “deeply unpopular in New Hampshire.” Only 26% of Granite Staters support ObamaCare while a whopping 57% oppose it. And yet, Senator Jeanne Shaheen announced that she supports using “reconciliation” to ram the Democrats’ government takeover of health care through the United States Senate (TPMDC, 2/18). Reconciliation is a fast-track legislative process in the Senate that would allow the Democrats to limit debate and avoid any serious effort to negotiate bipartisan health care reform.

Furthermore, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has signed a similar letter drafted by liberal members of the House (Colorado Independent, 2/5) that also calls for reconciliation and Congressman Hodes has said that he “agrees with the sentiment of the letter.” (, 1/29)


Governor Sununu Discusses the Failed Stimulus on Fox Business


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