NH Election Info newsletter - NH Statehouse Update

Much has been going on up at the New Hampshire State House. But are you aware
of how your representatives have been voting?

All roll call votes of the legislature are available at
http://nhelection.info and can be viewed with the Rollcall View Tool at

See how they voted on the right to work.

See how they voted on minimal protections for women's health.

See how they voted on protecting religious freedom.

See how they voted on onerous home school regulations.

Many other votes are scored in the dropdown menu of the Rollcall View tool.
The tool can filter on your town or city and ward to show you just your
representatives. You can also sort the voting results by clicking on the
column headers. More information is available in the FAQ at
http://nhelection.info/rollcall/faq. Remember that your representatives are
elected to represent YOU. And also remember that this is an election year!

The Statistician