NHDP - Ayotte Refuses to Take Position on Plan to Protect NH Consumers from Massive Premium Increases

As Opponents Address President's Plan to Block Excessive Rate Increases by Insurance Companies, Ayotte Refuses to Take a Position


CONCORD - While every single one of her senate opponents took positions on President Obama's plan to block excessive rate increases by insurance companies, GOP senate candidate Kelly Ayotte refused to address the proposal [Union Leader, 2/25/10]. Her silence on the plan to protect New Hampshire consumers comes after refusing to say whether she would support the bipartisan jobs bill which passed the senate earlier this week.


President Obama's proposal would create a Rate Increase Authority which would protect consumers across the country by blocking excessive and arbitrary rate increases by insurance companies. Last week, news broke that major insurance companies were hitting unsuspecting consumers with rate increases of up to 39 percent [LA Times, 2/14/10].


"Once again, Kelly Ayotte is silent on the two biggest issues facing New Hampshire's middle-class families - jobs and healthcare," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "First she ignores the landmark, bipartisan jobs bill passed earlier this week, and now she won't take a position on a health care provision to keep insurance companies accountable.


"She's running to be New Hampshire's next US Senator but refusing to tell the people of the Granite State how she'd get them back to work or protect them from the profit-hungry insurance companies that continue to slam unsuspecting consumers with massive premium increases."