NHDP - Statement from Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley on John Stephen's Announcement

Concord -- "The voters will reject John Stephen for the third time because they know he can't be trusted, he can't get things done, and because he puts his political needs ahead of the needs of the people of New Hampshire," Buckley said.
"In announcing his plans to run for Governor, Stephen claimed he was running as a fiscal conservative. But his record tells another story," Buckley said.  
 "John Stephen claims he is a fiscal conservative, but that's not his record," Buckley said. "He asked for astronomical budget increases; he repeatedly demonstrated fiscal incompetence and put his political ambitions ahead of the people of New Hampshire."
Buckley pointed to just two examples of Stephen's fiscal irresponsibility. In 2004, as Health and Human Services, Stephen asked for an 11 percent increase in his budget. In 2006, he asked for a 13 percent -- or half-a-billion dollar increase.