AFP - Obama's Health Care Takeover Could Cost Lives

Are you looking for a specific way to make your voice heard and protect your family's health care from these Washington politicians?

You can do that right now by helping us reach millions of Americans with this hard-hitting TV ad.  Click the video below:

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Will you take a moment right now and pitch in to keep this crucial message on the air?  By March 1st, our team must have the funds available to run this ad in key media markets throughout the month of March.

Your investment today will give you the control you deserve over the raging health care debate, and get this powerful message out to millions of Americans as the health care debate comes down to the wire.

To watch President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in today's sham"bi-partisan summit," you'd think they forgot that the American people have already rejected a government takeover of our health care.  Their arrogance in the face of such massive grassroots opposition is astounding...if you and I don't do everything we can, it's clear that they will fundamentally damage America.

Right now, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are even considering using a parliamentary trick called"reconciliation" to ram their Washington takeover of health care down the throats of the American people without a full vote of the U.S. Senate.  Today, as I stood outside the summit with hundreds of grassroots activists delivering our message, I spoke with two ladies who had driven that morning all the way from TENNESSEE.  One lady told me, "Tim, this fight is important enough for me to leave my house at 3am and drive 7 hours to make sure I do my part."

Now, it's up to you and me to make sure our fellow Americans understand the serious threats to their health if we allow the Left to use parliamentary games to force this health care takeover though over the clear will of the American people.

That's why Americans for Prosperity Foundation just launched this new hard-hitting TV ad - it's the personal story of a woman who survived cancer, but who may not have survived under the big-government regulations proposed by Barack Obama.

Your targeted investment today will help defeat the dangerous ideas that threaten our health and our freedoms

Please forward this to friends and family so they can know the difference you are making.  Without the tireless work of grassroots members like you, we wouldn't have even made it this far.  You and I have worked too hard and we're not giving up now.  This new ad is just one more way we're working together, keeping up the fight for freedom.

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