CEI - SEIU Boss Stern Scores Obama Appointment to ... Deficit Commission?!

Can union boss Andrew Stern of the SEIU help whack away at the federal deficit?  Interestingly enough, President Barack Obama has appointed Stern to a new commission charged with that task.  CEI labor policy expert Ivan Osorio calls this a "clear conflict of interest," given that Stern's union organizes public sector workers who live off the government payroll.
"Would Stern be willing to reduce growth of the sector where his union is most likely to find new members? More likely are calls for higher taxes to fund more 'public services' for SEIU to unionize. That also shouldn’t be surprising. Today, government employee unions constitute a permanent special interest lobby favoring the growth of government, one that is motivated, organized, and well-funded."  > View the full comment by Ivan Osorio on OpenMarket.org.