CHQ - Tea Party Opposes Another Back Room GOP Deal in Ohio Primary

Tea Party protestors pan GOP Party picks in Ohio
Columbus Dispatch - National races may draw the most buzz from the pundit class, but Tea Party members across the country pay close attention to state and local races as well - and here's a look at how grassroots conservatives in Ohio aren't happy with what they perceive as a backroom deal (made by the leaders of the Ohio GOP) that will deny them their favored candidate for the Ohio Attorney General's race.  

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Do we (conservatives) have what it takes?
American Thinker  - Vasko Kohlmayer poses an interesting question for conservatives to ponder:  now that it looks like we're going to be given the chance to lead (based on electoral trends), will we have what it takes once we get it?  Kohlmayer uses the health care debate as an example of the dilemma, arguing that no elected conservative has come forward to propose the best solution to the issue:  getting government's hands off the health care industry entirely.  Kohlmayer reasons if we don't have the guts to stand up when we're not in power, then who will lead when we truly get the chance? 

Sarah Palin endorses Rand Paul in Kentucky
Rand Paul 2010 - For those who think Rand Paul may be too far outside the conservative mainstream to deserve a vote - apparently Sarah Palin doesn't think so, as she's announced her endorsement of Paul in his attempt to win Kentucky's GOP U.S. Senate nomination.  Palin followed-up the endorsement with a generous PAC donation to Paul's campaign as well. 

Inspired by Scott Brown, GOP Candidates Emerge From Woodwork
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Let's help Marco Rubio finish off Charlie Crist - Like all conservatives, Erick Erickson is happy that polls are showing conservative favorite Marco Rubio is surging ahead of RINO Gov. Charlie Crist in their race for Florida's GOP U.S. Senate nomination - but Erickson says now is not the time to get complacent.  Erickson also suggests a way to help Rubio keep the heat on Crist.
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