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ObamaNet:  The Coming Online Censorship:  Perhaps the Obama administration and Democratic majority overestimated their ability to sell the American people on proposed radical changes to our political and economic systems, as the federal health care takeover has ground to a near halt, and an increasing number of administration officials are being exposed for far-left statists with a sinister, unconstitutional agenda.

Virginia Senate Passes Ban on Health Care Mandates:  Want to know how unpopular Health Care mandates are? All you need to do is look at Virginia. The Senate of Virginia passed a ban on insurance mandates on Monday. And, the Senate is controlled by Democrats. Think anyone in D.C. is paying attention to this?

Cloture Votes, Filibusters, and Bullying the Senate:  Since Barack Obama took office on January 20th, 2009, Senate Republicans have sustained one, single, solitary filibuster against his agenda. Just one. That's out of nearly 3,000 Senate bills introduced since Obama took the oath of office.

Obama Gets Free Pass On Empty Commitment to Nuclear Power:  President Obama is now moving aggressively to promote the use of nuclear power by way of boosting the number of loan guarantees for new projects, that is to say if an article following up on his State of the Union comments is to be believed.

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