NHDP - President Obama To Give Ayottes Hometown What She Hasn't A Jobs Plan

With President in Nashua to Talk Jobs and Small Business, Kelly Ayotte Has Yet to Offer One New Idea for Either


CONCORD - Today, with President Obama in her hometown detailing proposals to help small businesses and spur job creation, Republican Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte remained absolutely silent on a plan of her own to help New Hampshire's middle-class families and small businesses combat unemployment and the sky-rocketing costs of health care.


The only thing Ayotte has offered are political attacks and recycled talking points from the failed Bush-era economic agenda - from tax cuts for the wealthy to deregulation of Wall Street.


"At least the President will give Ayotte's hometown the one thing she's been steadfastly avoiding - an honest discussion about creating jobs and supporting small business in the Granite State," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Kelly Ayotte, meanwhile, has been too busy listening to corporate interests to lend the middle class her ear - fighting for insurance companies, empowering Wall Street, and defending foreign corporations that want to take over New Hampshire elections."