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Tea Party Training Conference to be Webcast by Viguerie Marketing Institute  - The recent training conference of the Leadership Tea Party will be webcast by the Viguerie Marketing Institute on Saturday, February 13, from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern time.  The conference, held in Dallas, Texas on January 29-31, consisted of 10 sessions, including the keynote address by Richard Viguerie.  The Webcast will be hosted live by Nationwide Tea Party Coalition co-founder Michael Patrick Leahy, author of Rules for Conservative Radicals.  Leahy will be joined by other presenters to respond on camera during the Webcast to viewers' emailed questions. 

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Rand Paul fires first shot in Senate race with TV ad
Lexington Herald Leader - Kentucky GOP Senatorial candidate Rand Paul isn't waiting to begin the battle for his state's Party primary nomination (the election is set for May 18), as he's taken to the airwaves touting his leadership credentials on national security matters. 

McCain attempts to protect right flank as primary looms
The Hill  - John McCain has never been known as a principled conservative but he does know how to play the political game - and he's taken a noticeable tack to the right recently in order to convince Arizona's conservative GOP primary voters that he deserves another term as their senator.  McCain will face a tough battle against Tea Party favorite J.D. Hayworth, and McCain's past transgressions against conservatives will certainly play a large role in the campaign. 
Illinois GOP primary results:  Andrew Andrzejewski comes in fifth - Grassroots conservatives put in a valiant effort to push forward Andrew Andrzejewski's attempt to win the GOP's nomination for governor of Illinois, but fell short. 
Texas Republican Primary for Governor heats up
Rasmussen Reports - One of the particularly interesting races coming up this season (March 2) is for the GOP nomination for governor of Texas, where Washington insider favorite Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is challenging incumbent governor and conservative favorite Rick Perry.  Interestingly enough, Tea Party activist Debra Medina is also in the contest, and gaining support.  A recent poll shows Perry with a comfortable lead. 
Hutchison's record is two-edged sword
Houston Chronicle - Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison probably figured it would be easier to run for governor in Texas - after all, she's had a long and successful career as a politician and is well known in her home state.  Her record has holes, however, and her ability to bring home pork projects to Texas as well as her lukewarm treatment of conservative social issues over the years isn't helping her with Texas's conservative primary electorate - and she currently trails Gov. Rick Perry by double-digits in the polls. 
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