Congress Votes To Increase Debt By Nearly 2 TRILLION Dollars

Manchester, NH – Carol Shea-Porter joined Nancy Pelosi and the majority of members of Congress in support of increasing the national debt limit by nearly $2 trillion.  The $1.9 trillion increase brings the total per person cost of the debt to more than $46,000 for every American.  Frank Guinta released the following statement on the vote:

“This is the citizens’ money Carol Shea-Porter and her colleagues are spending.  The public has repeatedly pleaded with Congress to stop the spending that will require increased revenues to the government now and in the future.  The people of New Hampshire and America are struggling enough and simply cannot afford this. Our Congresswoman has once again covered her ears to the wishes of the public and instead voted to increase the limit on the maxed out credit card the federal government holds.

“Ironically, this comes on the heels of a visit of President Obama who touted the need for some fiscal restraint, while listing off massive amounts of spending increases.  This kind of hypocrisy must stop.  The people are watching and Carol Shea-Porter and her party cannot tell us they want to be more fiscally responsible while pulling stunts like this.

“We need a top to bottom audit of every agency of government to find the cost reductions.  No one will ever convince me there is no waste in government. Freeze it, find it, and cut it.” –Frank Guinta, Candidate, New Hampshire Congressional District 1.