National Ballot Initiative Newsletter

National Initiative for Democracy Newsletter

This month brings plenty of exciting news.

I am excited to report that has won a generous grant from the National Science Foundation to document how Oregon voters see, trust, and use the information provided by the Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR). The similarity between CIR and NI4D's deliberative committee is sure help people understand deliberative democracy.

I am excited to introduce Daniela Bozhinova, a Fulbright scholar from Bulgaria who is working with The Democracy Foundation to learn about direct democracy and introduce the idea in Bulgaria. If you are affiliated with a college or university then there is an occasional lecturer fund to assist in inviting Fulbright scholars to visit and speak. Daniela has expressed interest in exchanging ideas with American college students. Please avail this rare opportunity.

I am excited to report that Myron Stagman has stepped forward to develop a new pamphlet to ignite grassroots support for national initiative. His proposal is currently being refined on the NI4D google discussion group. One urgent need is for an artist (or artists) to volunteer to provide attractive illustrations to complement his words and bring them to life. If you are interested in helping, just reply to this email and we will be in touch.

I am excited to report that Evan Ravitz was interviewed by Scott Paris at blogtalkradio. Blogtalkradio seems like a marvelous medium for exchanging experiences that lead to our interest in national initiative. I encourage everybody to contact Scott Paris (or start your own channel) and tell your own personal story of how you found out about NI4D and why you support deliberative direct democracy.

I would also like to call your appreciation to a great rebuttal written by Stephen Verbeek to an article recently published in a student newspaper.

Four authors have submitted articles for the journalism contest. We just need one more submission and voting will commence.

Some fascinating articles have been published since last month. Be sure to subscribe to our news aggregator at

Joshua Pritikin
Democracy Foundation Volunteer