CEI Weekly: Who Really Puts Spin in Climate Debate?

>>Iain Murray Responds to Climate Change Peddling Blogger

CEI's Vice President of Strategy, Iain Murray, in National Review Online, called out the founder of DeSmogBlog for foul play in his attempt to blame organizations, like CEI, for confusing the American public and the "collapse" of the global warming consensus. Murray instead proves that this blogger is the one guilty of muddying the water. Read the article here.

>>Shaping the Debate

Sen. Durbin Prods Tech Giants to Back Google's China Stance

Ryan Radia's quote in E-Commerce Times

(Climate) Information Wants to Be Free
Chistopher Horner's quote in the New York Times' Dot Earth Blog

Obama can Aid Small Businesses by Providing Regulatory Reform

John Berlau's op-ed in the Daily Caller

>>Best of the Blogs 

Who Dat Claiming They Own "Who Dat"

by Fran Smith

It’s hardly news that the New Orleans’ Saints are going to the Super Bowl, and their ecstatic fans are busy buying up T-shirts and other paraphernalia emblazoned with the Saints’ rallying cry, “Who Dat.”  That slogan is from their widely popular chant: “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints.” But the National Football League claimed it owns the trademark and warned vendors to cease and desist selling non-NFL merchandise that links the Saints and “Who Dat.”

Government Unions up, Private Sector Unions down but not out

by Ivan Osorio

The Wall Street Journal explains the significance of the crucial shift in union membership that reached a tipping point last week: More union members now work for government entities than for private businesses. Indeed, today public sector unions constitute a permanent, organized, well-funded lobby for bigger government. However, that doesn’t mean that organized labor is giving up unionizing private sector workers.

No, two stimulus plans are enough!

by Michael Fumento

In rolling out his (Cough, cough!) $3.8 trillion budget proposal even as we’re facing a historic national debt, Pres. Obama has included $100 million for a third stimulus package. (A lot of people forget that we had one under Pres. Bush.) True, the Obama administration has made great claims about what an incredible success his first stimulus was, but the claims haven’t withstood the facts. You don’t need 20 economists to crunch a million numbers to see that. 

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 79: Where are the Jobs?

Richard Morrison, Marc Scribner and Josh Barro join forces to being you episode 79. We take on the secret to job creation, anti-capitalist murmurs in Davos, the iPad’s unapproved technology, laws against motorized texting and why it’s all or nothing in the healthcare debate. 

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