CHQ - Incumbents beware!

FOX News Poll: In 2010 Elections, Incumbents Beware - Americans dispense just about as much disdain for Republicans (42 percent favorable; 46 percent unfavorable) as Democrats (42 percent favorable; 48 percent unfavorable), according to a Fox News poll released Friday. 

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Conservative Republicans Made a Difference in Blue State Illinois Primary Election
Nancy Thorner - "According to a recent Gallup poll, in 2009 conservatives outnumbered liberals nationally and in all states except the District of Columbia." Those conservatives showed up in the recent primary in Illinois, and made an electoral difference, argues Nancy Thorner. 

Why John Oxendine must be defeated  - Blogger Erick Erickson provides a glimpse at the race for Governor in his home state of Georgia, where he argues conservatives must unite to defeat Republican John Oxendine in the GOP primary.  Erickson says that Oxendine represents all the reasons why Republicans have failed in the past (namely lack of principles, corruption, political game-playing). 

Tea Party launches 'counter-revolution'
FoxNews (blog) - The National Tea Party convention is underway in Nashville, with activists from all over the country attending in hopes of unifying the movement and learning how to further it in their own communities.  
Rebels with a cause
New York Post - No body ever said tea parties have to be pretty. At least, not the kind of tea party gathered here in the thumping heart of gaudy country music. These people have come from all across the nation for the first National Tea Party Convention to denounce not just President Obama and the Democrats, but Republicans and all of Washington for getting infected with the same voracious and parasitic plague spawned by big-government liberalism.
It's time for the GOP to offer voters a real contrast
Washington Times - GOPAC Chairman Frank Donatelli writes that the time is now for the Republican Party to offer voters a real choice between Republicans and Democrats, and lays out five areas where the GOP can offer distinction.   
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