NHDP - Ayotte Swears Off Earmarks to Fall In Line with DC Republicans

CONCORD - To please the Washington establishment backing her campaign, Republican candidate Kelly Ayotte hurried to sign a pledge promising that she would not request earmarks [Ayotte pledge, 1/21/10].  Ayotte had been on record as recently as November saying she was not opposed to earmarks [Nashua Telegraph, 11/12/09].

"Kelly Ayotte is falling into line with her Republican establishment backers," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "From earmarks, to health care, to the stimulus funds - she is doing whatever Washington Republicans tell her to, consistently proving she will never be an independent voice for New Hampshire."

This is not the first time Ayotte has changed positions on major issues to fall into line with DC Republicans:

Health Care: As Attorney General in 2006, Ayotte lambasted a US Senate bill to let insurance companies cross state borders, citing the threat this plan would pose to essential consumer protection laws in New Hampshire. In 2009, however, as a candidate for US Senate, Kelly Ayotte has traveled the state in favor of that very plan. [Concord Monitor, 12/9/09; Portsmouth Remarks, 8/27/09].

Stimulus Funds: After strongly endorsing the President's Recovery and Reinvestment Act as Attorney General, Kelly quickly changed tune on the campaign trail, saying "if you look at that bill some of that spending doesn't even occur until 2019; you tell me how that's going to stimulate the economy right now." [Lynch Press Release, 5/15/09; Winnipesaukee Remarks, 8/11/09]