NHDP - Ayotte Runs Away from JUA

As Attorney General Ayotte Heaped Praise on JUA Decision - In Senate Race She's Quickly Backing Away


CONCORD - Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte is still refusing to take responsibility for green-lighting the use of $110 million from New Hampshire's Joint Underwriting Association to balance the state budget, despite offering heavy praise for the decision at the time [Nashua Telegraph, 2/7/10].


Governor Lynch's decision to use the funds occurred last year after then-Attorney General Ayotte's Office issued an opinion saying it was legally permissible. At the time, Ayotte praised her Office's legal opinion and the Assistant Attorney General in charge of it, saying "Your research and advocacy for the state in the JUA matter reflects your exceptional legal talent and commitment to the important work of the office." [Nashua Telegraph, 2/7/10]


"Kelly Ayotte is still running away from a decision she clearly made," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "After praising the opinion as Attorney General, Kelly the senate candidate is now trying to pretend she was against it all along - and not fooling anyone."


Ayotte began backing away from the JUA decision last week, when she said that she "didn't weigh in one way or another," and "only gave a legal opinion." Ayotte said she was actually opposed to the decision and would have voted against it were she a legislator [Union Leader, 2/4/10] The Governor's Office was quick to contradict her comments, saying: "The Governor worked closely with the Attorney General's office on the development of the JUA policy. Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte never once raised an objection during the process." [WMUR, 2/3/10]