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Terror War Exclusive9/11 Attempt to Cover Up American Holocaust, Caught
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Today, John Avalon wrote a piece for the Daily Beast describing those who are asking for a new 9/11 investigation as "wingnuts."  What he fails to tell us is that, as "propaganda chief"  for Rudy Guliani, a man whose former chief of staff is now doing time as a Mafia "bag man" Bernie Kerik, burying the truth has long been a part of his job.

The prisoner in question, Bernie Kerik, was supposed to head Homeland Security.  Think about a character from the movie Goodfellas as the nation's chief law enforcement official and you have an idea where John Avalon comes from.  The only way of going further would have been to put the ghost of the "dapper don," John Gotti himself into the Whitehouse.  Is Avalon another Kerik or just a "Kerik/Guliani associate?"
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