NetRight Daily: Obama's Political Grip Slips and More

Obama's Political Grip Slips:  "[N]ow they've gotten rid of me and it will pass. You connect the dots." That was former New York Democrat Congressman Massa's take on his resignation in light on allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Obama Renews Patriot Act and the NYT Fails To Mention It:  President Obama has signed off on a one year extension of The Patriot Act that won overwhelming congressional approval just over a week ago; not that anyone reading The New York Times would know.

Government Spending Does Not Drive the Economy:  As disturbing new reports come out this month showing that American reliance on government aid is at an all-time high, economists are attempting to quell concerns that the federal spending binge has gone too far. Government spending, they say, drives the economy, and the stimulus bills have saved the economy from dipping into depression. These economists have erred tragically, and their prescription will not only fail to prevent, but will actually help ensure that this recession worsens.

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