CHQ - Act Now to Stop Obama's War on Liberty



Dear Supporter of Freedom,

I am writing to outline for you a $30,000,000 Battle Plan we have put together for this all-important 2010 Congressional election year.

But first, let me tell you why Faith & Freedom Coalition is aiming to bury Congress with 1,000,000 FaxGrams that say "NO" to President Obama's Far-Left Socialistic Agenda.

Will you give me your permission to put your name on a FaxGram to every U.S. Senator and Representative -- including yours -- demanding they vote to stop Obama's Far-Left Agenda dead in its tracks right now?

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The recent special election victory by Scott Brown in Massachusetts (where Independent voters made a statement to politicians in Washington about the legislative agenda) has rocked Liberals in Congress back on their heels. So we now have a great chance to drive a stake through the heart of President Obama's Far-Left Agenda.

I'm inviting you to send this Stop Obama Now FaxGram because I have reason to believe you are strongly opposed -- even outraged -- at what Barack Obama is doing to our great nation.

Am I right about that?

If you want to send Congress a message to stop Obama's Far-Left Socialistic Agenda now is the perfect time because 2010 is an election year.

So politicians are paying close attention now to what their constituents; want -- rather than to what Obama wants.

Our goal is to bury Congress with 1,000,000 of these Stop Obama Now FaxGrams in the next 72 hours. I very much hope you will Authorize me to put your name on a FaxGram to every Member of Congress.

Your FaxGram will demand our elected officials reject every one of Obama's new Far-Left Socialistic programs in 2010.

Yes, that includes his disastrous government-takeover of America's health care system -- which he continues to want to ram into law despite Scott Brown's stunning victory in Massachusetts, where he took Ted Kennedy's old Senate seat.

My name is Ralph Reed, founder and Chairman of Faith & Freedom Coalition, a brand new organization created specifically to Stop Barack Obama's Far-Left Agenda for America.

We will deliver your Stop Obama Now FaxGram to all 100 U.S. Senators and all 435 Representatives today -- right after we receive your authorization to do so.

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Hitting our elected officials with an avalanche of anti-Obama faxes will send them a very loud message that an overwhelming majority of Americans are opposed to President Obama's Far-Left agenda, and we want it stopped cold, right now.

As you can imagine, politicians are already starting to focus on Election Day 2010. They know President Obama's public approval rating has plunged to about 46% (according to the latest Rasmussen poll) -- a dangerous sign for any sitting President.

In fact pro-Obama politicians have been hit with a backlash as a result of their votes for Obama's unpopular health care legislation, as well as his Wall Street bailouts, wasteful stimulus and other budget-busting programs.

The news media is already buzzing with predictions of potentially huge Liberal losses in the 2010 Congressional elections.

But we need to STOP President Obama from doing further damage before the 2010 Congressional elections.

That's why your FaxGram Authorization is so important.

Liberals Senators and House Members have a choice to make:

Will they side with you and me and the vast majority of their constituents? Or will they continue to side with Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid?

It's clear Obama and Liberal Congressional leaders are desperately trying to enact as much of Obama's radical legislation as possible BEFORE they lose seats in the 2010 Congressional elections.

Respected political analyst Michael Barone says Liberals are in danger of losing as many as 155 seats in the House this November!

Your Stop Obama Now FaxGram will demand your elected officials REJECT the plans by Obama, Pelosi and Reid to:

  • Give amnesty -- along with citizenship, voting rights and welfare benefits -- to 11 million illegal aliens (so that Obama and the Left will have millions of brand new voters to lock in their voting majority).
  • Grant statehood to the District of Columbia -- which would add two more Liberal Senators and four more Liberal House Members.
  • Pack our federal courts with more Left-Wing judicial activists like Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Continue to add to the $12 TRILLION nation debt, which our children and grand children will never be able to pay off.
  • Use legislative trickery to pass "Obamacare" into law despite the recent special election where voters even in Massachusetts (America's most liberal state) sent a message to Washington, DC that Americans don't want Socialized Medicine.
  • Use the regulatory power of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to shut down conservative radio and broadcast.

The sad truth is, President Obama just doesn't seem to like America very much.

Everywhere he goes overseas, he apologizes for America. He attacks America.

Would you like to remind politicians that you, and the vast majority of Americans, are strongly opposed to Barack Obama's efforts to transform our great nation into something you won't recognize a year from now if he has his way?

Then please authorize me to put your name on a Stop Obama Now FaxGram and deliver it to every Senator and Congressional Representative -- including yours.

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Remember, our goal is to bury Congress with 1,000,000 of these FaxGrams in the next 72 hours telling them to vote "NO" on Obama's Socialistic Agenda -- or pay the price at the ballot box in November.

And when you complete your FaxGram Authorization Form, I hope you will also include a $25 donation to help cover our cost to deliver your FaxGram to every Member of Congress (including your Congressman and two U.S. Senators).

As you might have seen in the news, Faith & Freedom Coalition has been helping to organize "Tea Party" and Town Hall Meeting protests across the country.

These are the "Tea Parties" and confrontations with politicians at Town Hall Meetings that have been ridiculed by the liberal news media.

The name "Tea Party," of course, comes from the famous "Boston Tea Party" the tax protest that triggered the American Revolution and our seven-year War for Independence from Great Britain.

Millions of American taxpayers have shown up to our modern-day "Tea Parties" to express their strong OPPOSITION to the socialist direction President Obama is taking America.

I can report to you that anger and outrage is building across America over the war on faith, freedom and family being waged right now by our own government -- led by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of their Far-Left cronies in Congress.

This anger is coming not just from Republican voters, but also from millions of Independents. Even many rank-and-file Democrats have joined with us, saying, "Yes, I've always voted Democrat, but I don't believe in Socialism."

We have an opportunity right now to channel this anger toward Congress by flooding the halls of Congress with 1,000,000 Stop Obama Now FaxGrams in the next 72 hours.

By the way, my sources on Capitol Hill tell me FaxGrams have far more impact than phone calls or e-mails.

Congressional staffers can screen and intercept phone calls, and e-mails can get blocked. But a FaxGram gets put into their in-box where it gets noticed by a Senator or Congressman.

Elected officials have told us an avalanche of FaxGrams really gets their attention, especially in an Election Year.

Thanks to Americans like you, Faith & Freedom Coalition has already been able to stop several of President Obama's most outrageous proposals (including his attempt to abolish the secret ballot in labor union elections.) And we have been instrumental in getting many Congressional Democrats to start breaking away from President Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

But the next few weeks will be crucial because politicians are focusing on the 2010 Congressional elections and they realize they will have to take a stand: Will they side with President Obama and his radical agenda, or with the majority of Americans who still believe in faith, freedom and the moral values that made America great?

Your Stop Obama Now FaxGram will help them decide.

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Thank you so much for reading my letter.

I will look for your FaxGram Authorization to arrive in the next few minutes.

In Defense of Liberty,
Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman
Faith & Freedom Coalition

P.S. I know you agree Barack Obama has done a lot of damage to our country already. And he's going to do a lot more damage if we don't stop him NOW.

Congress CAN stop Obama's radical agenda for America, and they will - IF we scream loud enough. Remember, 2010 is an election year, so politicians are now starting to pay attention to what the voters want, and less attention to what Obama, Pelosi and Reid want.

We will deliver your Stop Obama Now FaxGram to all 100 U.S. Senators and all 435 Representatives. Our goal: To bury Congress with 1,000,000 of these Stop Obama Now FaxGrams in the next 72 hours.

Thank you so much for answering this Call-To-Action right now and for taking a stand for liberty.

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From the Desk of
Mark Levin

LevinDear Supporter of Freedom,

Freedom is under attack, and today the threat comes from within our nation as well as from outside its borders.

We need a strong grassroots network to oppose and defeat the Socialist schemes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the radical left groups like and the union bosses who give them their marching orders.

Now, at last, we have the organization.

It is the Faith & Freedom Coalition, led by my friend Ralph Reed, who The Wall Street Journal called "perhaps the finest political operative of his generation."

Faith & Freedom Coalition is organizing in all 50 states, opposing the Obama agenda in Washington, and preparing to distribute 50 MILLION VOTER GUIDES and TURN OUT a record number of pro-freedom voters in the all-important 2010 Congressional elections.

Levin_bookDo what you can to help save freedom in America by supporting the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

Thank you so much for answering this "Call-To-Action" so that we'll be able to pass on the blessings of liberty to our children and grandchildren.

Mark Levin
-Author of The New York Times #1 bestseller Liberty and Tyranny and conservative radio talk show host.

About Faith & Freedom Coalition

Faith & Freedom Coalition was established in 2009 to mobilize tens of millions of Americans to stand up for the time-honored values that made America great. We actively oppose President Obama's and the current Congressional leadership's far-left agenda for America, including . . .

  1. The federal government's takeover of much of the U.S. economy -- including our health care system.

  2. The assault by our own government on the moral values that made America great.

  3. President Obama's radical federal judge appointments who are using their power on the courts to weaken the family and erase the last traces of America's Judeo-Christian heritage from American public life.

teapartyNever before has it been more critical for ordinary Americans to rise up by the millions to take our country back from those who oppose the principles of liberty and limited-government established by America's Founding Fathers in the Constitution of the United States -- the principles that made America the freest, most prosperous nation in human history.

That is why the Faith & Freedom Coalition is right now mobilizing tens of millions of Americans to . . .

  1. Send a strong message to their representatives in Congress that they will be held accountable on Election Day in 2010 if they side with President Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the far-left who are trying to destroy the America established by our Founding Fathers;

  2. Continue to mobilize millions of pro-freedom Americans to show up at "Tea Party" protest rallies and Congressional town hall meetings to express their strong opposition to what's happening in Washington, DC.

  3. Organize millions of pro-freedom activists at the neighborhood and precinct level to produce a record-breaking turnout of Christian and pro-freedom voters in the 2010 Congressional elections to make a powerful statement that America REJECTS the far-left direction President Obama and radicals in Congress are now taking America.

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