CHQ - Join Richard Viguerie and the Army of 164,000 Fed Up Americans in the Online Tax Revolt

Join Richard Viguerie's team of fed up Americans by registering at  - Please join me, Richard Viguerie, and other conservative team leaders in marching on Washington in a tax revolt - and never leave your keyboard.

Launched only a few weeks ago, the online tax revolt already has over 164,000 members. Radio hosts, Rocky D from South Carolina and Martha Zoller from Georgia have become march leaders along with Neal Boortz, Ken Hoagland, Joe the Plumber and Michael Reagan. Click here to see all the team leaders.

Please go to to join my team today. And forward this email to your friends, family, co-workers, pastors, church brethren, etc. so that they may join this tax revolt.

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Town Halls About to Erupt in DC
Washington Times - Town halls are about to erupt in hallowed halls, particularly outside the doors of select Democrats. Prepare for a new wave of "tea party" citizen journalists: The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition - a broad federation of 30 local "tea parties" - has launched a proactive strike against the 50 or so House Democrats who have yet to reveal how they'll vote on health care reform legislation.

Charlie Crist is imploding in Florida
American Spectator - When Florida Gov. Charlie Crist announced last year that he'd be running for his state's GOP U.S. Senate nomination to fill an open seat, he probably figured he'd have an easy time of it with the national Party's backing - but he was dead wrong. 

Ron Paul, Dick Cheney, and today's conservative movement
American Conservative - As conservatives struggle to regain control of the Republican Party, there's another intra-conservative movement fight taking place between limited government libertarians (such as Ron Paul) and the predominant Big Government-favoring neoconservatives (such as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney). 

Voters now trust the GOP more on 8 out of 10 issues
CNS News - Heading into the campaign season for the 2010 midterm congressional elections, Republicans are enjoying leads in eight out of ten issues amongst likely voters according to a recent Rasmussen poll. 

Hoffman set for rematch in New York 23
Washington Times - Last fall, New York Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman became a champion of those who would challenge the GOP's national establishment - and now he's announced that he's set for a rematch with Democrat Rep. Bill Owens in New York's 23rd congressional district. 

The Tea Party Spirit
Real Clear Politics (Charles Kesler) - Sometimes the most obvious derangements of our politics are staring us in the face but we don't see them. Take, for instance, the health care reform bill for which President Obama and the Democrats are forever lusting.

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