DNC - Republican Sen. Gregg Votes to Block Legislation That Boosts Economy

Extends Unemployment Benefits for New Hampshire Families

In Tough Economic Times, Sen. Gregg Continues Obstructionist Tactics at the Expense of New Hampshire workers
Washington – In the latest example of Republicans obstructing efforts to help middle class families struggling in the economic crisis, U.S. Sen. Gregg voted Wednesday against legislation that would extend jobless benefits such as unemployment insurance and COBRA subsidies for families in New Hampshire who are struggling to find work.  Senator Gregg’s vote could have cost many families in New Hampshire unemployment insurance and health care, further hurting already-struggling folks in these difficult times.
Please find below a statement from DNC Northeast Regional Press Secretary Michael Czin:
“It’s bad enough that Republicans spent eight years backing the policies that led to the current economic crisis, but now Republicans in the Senate like Senator Gregg are slamming the door on New Hampshire residents by voting against extending unemployment benefits and health care assistance for jobless workers. 
“This move is just the latest in a long line of GOP obstructionist tactics in the Senate, where Republican Senators have stood in the way of efforts to improve the economy for their own political gain.  New Hampshire families want Senator Gregg to work to help ease the economic crisis, not to play partisan obstructionist games to stand in the way of improving our economic situation.”